My main focus is to help clients free up their time by taking the tasks they can pass on to someone else – ME!

And as your virtual assistant, I am an independent contractor, so you save money by eliminating the overhead that comes with hiring an employee, but all the benefits of having one. And the best part? You pay only for the work that is done (whether that project takes an hour, or 10 hours+).



My rates are $35 an hour (with a minimum 1 hour charge)

You pay only for the hours I work, rounding up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. Great for new clients.

Preferred option for most clients. If you know a set amount of hours you will need a per month, you can purchase a retainer package that will secure my time and allow me to devote those hours to your business.  You don’t have to worry about increasing costs and extra hours can be added if needed.

You pay a set price to complete a one off project, for example, a website build.

*Additional Fees
Some client projects may accrue extra fees for items such as printing, ink, certain software charges, etc. I will advised of all additional fees outside of the contracted rate and will do my best to provide you with economical, high quality options.