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What what Melvin's first wife's name?

Was Virginia Melvin's daughter from his first marriage? If she was not, and is indeed Ella's daughter, was Melvin Virginia's father or did Ella get pregnant and have Virginia before she married Melvin, and if so, who is Virginia's father?

When/Where did Melvin Anderson die? 
Pack, Ellender Jane "Ella" (P153)
Oct 28 1921

Mr. and Mrs. S.L. PATTON, of Cliffield, have recently suffered a double affliction in the death of two of their young children, Harry, eleven months old, and James, two and a half years, were buried September 9 and 28th respectively. The burials occurred in the D.P. EARLS cemetery near Cliffield.

September 2, 1921

D.P. EARLS, of Cliffield, was notified this week that the body of his son, who was killed in France, had reached Hoboken, N.J. and will be shipped to Cliffield in a few days for burial. Mr. EARLS will advise those interested as soon as his is notified of the date of the shipment of the body to Cliffield.

Cliffield - September 15, 1932

Mr. and Mrs. Bram Massie, (Fannie Earls) of Montcalm, WV., spent the week end with D.P Earls.

Cliffield - August 24, 1934

James Earls, of Salem Va., is visiting his father, D. Earls. He was in a train accident a few days ago and now has an injured foot.

Clinch Valley Newspaper Tazewell Virginia 19 March 1943
Mr. Dudley P. Earls, 84 years of age, died Sunday night at his home in Cliffield, where he was born and reared. Funeral services were conducted at the home Tuesday afternoon, the service being in charge of the Rev. Clarence Greenleaf, of Grundy. Burial in the family cemetery near his home. Mr. Earls is survived by nine children: James S. Earls, of Salem, Va.; Clarence Earls, of Bluefield; Tom Earls, of Baptist Valley; Dewey Earls, of Orange, Texas; Joe Earls, of Coulwood Va; Mrs. C.L Young of Cucumber; Mrs. Mary Boothe, of Tazewell; Mrs. Fannie Massie of Cliffield and Mrs. Ella Saunders of Cliffield. His wife and five children preceded him in death. There also survives 45 grandchildren; 29 great grandchildren; and one sister, Mrs. George Brewster, of Pounding Mill. 
Earls, William "Dudley" Paris (P272)
189 "Cataarina Varlet, widow of cousin Hak, my dear sister, is resting in the Lord around 1 o'clock in the night between Sat & Whit Sun, after suffering from fever for 16 [days] and she was buried on the 22nd of May...(in notes) Varlet, Ann Katarina (P7173)
190 "Joseph Andrews one of the first [illegible ? Cantors] of the towne of Hingham Dyed on the first Day of January 1679" Andrews, Joseph (P8084)
191 "Potato Hole" Woodson, Robert (P7524)
192 "The McCoys". Source (S-1444881185)
193 "This Year (1628) died Mr. Richard Warren, who …. was an useful Instrumentand during his life bare a deep share of the Difficulties and Troubles of the first Settlement of the Plantation of New-Plymouth" Buried at Burial Hill in Plymouth. Warren, Richard (P7433)
194 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917 p104," John Pack 26 Sep 1871 Clinch River, Tazewell, Virginia Parents: C.C. and Hannah Pack Pack, John (P709)
195 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917 P147," Gordon Bitte Burrass 08 Sep 1877 Burks Garden, Tazewell, Virginia Parents: John W. and Margaret Burress. Burress, Bittle Gordon (P1009)
196 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917, 1 L66 " Mary E. Earls 10 Aug 1869 Sinking Waters, Tazewell, Virginia Parents: Samuel and Amanda Earls. Earls, Mary Ann (P743)
197 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917, p 105" Lettie Bruster 20 Jun 1871 Laurrell Creek, Tazewell, Virginia Parents Robert and Amanda Bruster. Brewster, Lettie (P752)
198 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917, p 110 & 119" Crockett Pack 13 Sep 1873 Jeffersonville Twp, Tazewell, Virginia Parents: William M. and Rebecca Pack. Pack, Calvin Crockett (P533)
199 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917, p 133" William T. Bruster 29 Jul 1875 Maiden Spring, Tazewell, Virginia Parents Robert and Amanda. Bruster, Robert (P389)
200 "Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917, p 138" Jno. William Earls 01 Jul 1875 Watters Indian, Tazewell,Virginia Parents: Ananias and Mary Earls I have seen his name listed as James and John. Earls, John William (P2002)

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