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Virginia, United States


Latitude: 37.4315734, Longitude: -78.65689420000001


Matches 201 to 250 of 985

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Collins, Nancy  1795Virginia, United States P1736
202 Collins, Reuben  Abt 1790Virginia, United States P1794
203 Collins, Sandy Franklin  Sep 1883Virginia, United States P422
204 Collins, Sarah C. "Sallie"  1805Virginia, United States P1737
205 Collins, William  Abt 1789Virginia, United States P1806
206 Colona, Annie  Apr 1888Virginia, United States P6553
207 Colona, Arthur  Abt 1907Virginia, United States P6548
208 Colona, Augustus  Abt 1906Virginia, United States P6378
209 Colona, Charles F.  Abt 1865Virginia, United States P6611
210 Colona, Dorothy J  Abt 1916Virginia, United States P6374
211 Colona, Frank Carlton  18 Sep 1895Virginia, United States P6551
212 Colona, Henry W.  Abt 1862Virginia, United States P6610
213 Colona, Hilbert  Abt 1916Virginia, United States P6379
214 Colona, Leona A  Abt 1911Virginia, United States P6375
215 Colona, Lillian "Lillie" M.  Abt 1873Virginia, United States P6614
216 Colona, Mary (Manie)  May 1890Virginia, United States P6556
217 Colona, Melvin  Abt 1912Virginia, United States P6380
218 Colona, Sarah  Abt 1870Virginia, United States P6615
219 Colona, Unknown  Feb 1892Virginia, United States P6554
220 Combs, Edna Lou  2 May 1913Virginia, United States P1825
221 Combs, Edna May  1921Virginia, United States P1832
222 Combs, William  Jul 1878Virginia, United States P5489
223 Compton, Grover M  Abt 1915Virginia, United States P1896
224 Compton, Martha Ann  May 1875Virginia, United States P1877
225 Compton, Nannie M  Abt 1918Virginia, United States P1895
226 Compton, Reason G  Abt 1912Virginia, United States P1897
227 Compton, Richard  Abt 1920Virginia, United States P1894
228 Conwell, Corbin  1898Virginia, United States P1903
229 Conwell, Gordon  1905Virginia, United States P1902
230 Conwell, Maggie  1895Virginia, United States P1904
231 Cook, Alvin Wesley  Abt 1910Virginia, United States P1250
232 Cox, Joseph B.  Abt 1859Virginia, United States P4882
233 Cox, Matthew  Abt 1828Virginia, United States P1967
234 Cox, Matthew A.  Abt 1863Virginia, United States P4880
235 Craswell, Garry  May 1884Virginia, United States P6927
236 Crockett, Agnes  Abt 1919Virginia, United States P404
237 Crockett, Gertie Mae  Abt 1914Virginia, United States P1987
238 Crockett, Goldie  Abt 1918Virginia, United States P1988
239 Crockett, John S.  Abt 1911Virginia, United States P1989
240 Croswell, Bernice J  Abt 1903Virginia, United States P5602
241 Croswell, Clarence Lee  Abt 1904Virginia, United States P5597
242 Croswell, Elizabeth Madaline "Madge"  Apr 1892Virginia, United States P6928
243 Croswell, Franklin "Frankie"  Abt 1920Virginia, United States P5601
244 Croswell, Herman  Abt 1906Virginia, United States P5596
245 Croswell, Marinus William  Feb 1888Virginia, United States P6926
246 Crouse, Candice  Jul 1854Virginia, United States P1494
247 Darnell, Mary Jane Maze  12 Jul 1861Virginia, United States P3591
248 Davis, Elizabeth Frances "Fannie"  Abt 1810Virginia, United States P6410
249 Delong, John  1783Virginia, United States P5814
250 Delong, Orman  1785Virginia, United States P2042

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