Burress & Palmer Genealogy

Southwest Virginia & Stokes County, NC


Ashe County, North Carolina


Latitude: 36.43222, Longitude: -81.41972399999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blevins, James  1809Ashe County, North Carolina P5695
2 Blevins, Wells  08 Oct 1795 Ashe County, North Carolina P5693
3 Brown, Julia  13 Oct 1856Ashe County, North Carolina P5516
4 Combs, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1839Ashe County, North Carolina P1867
5 Combs, Harvey  1868Ashe County, North Carolina P5471
6 Combs, Meredith Richard  Jan 1861Ashe County, North Carolina P1810
7 Combs, William "Bill"  Oct 1864Ashe County, North Carolina P5472
8 Denna, Wiley C.  Abt 1866Ashe County, North Carolina P2111
9 Eldreth, Emery Claude  30 Aug 1889Ashe County, North Carolina P8306
10 Henson, Wintery "Winnie"  1754Ashe County, North Carolina P5518
11 Lewis, Margaret (Margery) "Peggy"  1780Ashe County, North Carolina P5484
12 Lewis, Mary  1807Ashe County, North Carolina P5675
13 Mullis, Dora  Mar 1878Ashe County, North Carolina P5515
14 Pennington, Abraham (Abel)  1842Ashe County, North Carolina P5480
15 Pennington, Abraham (Abram)  1775Ashe County, North Carolina P5476
16 Pennington, Andrew  1810Ashe County, North Carolina P5513
17 Pennington, Andrew  1834Ashe County, North Carolina P5482
18 Pennington, Artemecia (Meecy)  1810Ashe County, North Carolina P5512
19 Pennington, Artremisia "Meese"  1847Ashe County, North Carolina P5483
20 Pennington, Esther  1840Ashe County, North Carolina P5479
21 Pennington, James  1807Ashe County, North Carolina P5469
22 Pennington, Lorenzo Dowell  1817Ashe County, North Carolina P5511
23 Pennington, Margaret "Peggy"  1838Ashe County, North Carolina P5481
24 Pennington, Marshall  10 Jun 1853Ashe County, North Carolina P5477
25 Pennington, Thornton  1836Ashe County, North Carolina P1864
26 Pennington Combs, Poindexter "Pine"  Sep 1857Ashe County, North Carolina P5467
27 Pennington Jr., James  13 July 1851Ashe County, North Carolina P5478
28 Pope, Mary Katherine  12 Oct 1853Ashe County, North Carolina P5517
29 Sexton, David  22 February 1823Ashe County, North Carolina P5499
30 Sexton, Enoch  1832Ashe County, North Carolina P5501
31 Sexton, Hiram Luke  6 November 1827Ashe County, North Carolina P5505
32 Sexton, Joseph  1835Ashe County, North Carolina P5502
33 Sexton, Nancy  8 November 1829Ashe County, North Carolina P5498
34 Sexton, Reuben  1830Ashe County, North Carolina P5503
35 Sexton, Rosamond  15 January 1816Ashe County, North Carolina P5504
36 Sexton, Thornton Prator  1842Ashe County, North Carolina P5557
37 Sexton, William  1 August 1813Ashe County, North Carolina P5506
38 Sullivan, Mary  1829Ashe County, North Carolina P5466
39 Wallace, Reuben Jr  1810Ashe County, North Carolina P5531
40 Wiles, Josiah Thomas  1847Ashe County, North Carolina P8195


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hila/Hiley  After 1810Ashe County, North Carolina P5509
2 Blevins, James  23 Dec 1869Ashe County, North Carolina P5695
3 Combs, Almyra "Myra"  28 July 1914Ashe County, North Carolina P5537
4 Pennington, Abraham (Abram)  Nov 1825Ashe County, North Carolina P5476
5 Pennington, Artemecia (Meecy)  27 February 1897Ashe County, North Carolina P5512
6 Pennington, Artremisia "Meese"  25 Aug 1915Ashe County, North Carolina P5483
7 Pennington, Margaret "Peggy"  1875Ashe County, North Carolina P5481
8 Pennington Jr., James  27 Sep 1935Ashe County, North Carolina P5478
9 Sexton, David  14 July 1900Ashe County, North Carolina P5499
10 Sexton, Enoch  1832Ashe County, North Carolina P5501
11 Sexton, Hiram Luke  2 December 1908Ashe County, North Carolina P5505
12 Sexton, Pryor  September 1878Ashe County, North Carolina P5507
13 Sexton, Reuben  6 May 1885Ashe County, North Carolina P5503
14 Sexton, Thornton  1872Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
15 Sexton, William  27 April 1851Ashe County, North Carolina P5524
16 Sexton, William  1894Ashe County, North Carolina P5506
17 Sexton, William Jr.  28 Jun 1901Ashe County, North Carolina P5978
18 Snyder, Sarah  20 March 1912Ashe County, North Carolina P6029
19 Stroeher?, Elizabeth  29 Jan 1792Ashe County, North Carolina P5691
20 Wallace, Esther  After 1870Ashe County, North Carolina P5486
21 Wallace, Reuben  1820Ashe County, North Carolina P5510
22 Wallace, Susannah (Sookie)  23 July 1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5534

Census 1830

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1830    Person ID 
1 Sexton, Thornton  1830Ashe County, North Carolina P5485

Census 1850

Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1850    Person ID 
1 Leah Mariah  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5563
2 Pennington, Andrew  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5482
3 Pennington, Artremisia "Meese"  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5483
4 Pennington, Esther  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5479
5 Pennington, James  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5469
6 Pennington, Margaret "Peggy"  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5481
7 Pennington, Thornton  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P1864
8 Sexton, Catherine "Kate"  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5468
9 Sexton, David  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5554
10 Sexton, David  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5499
11 Sexton, Elvira  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5560
12 Sexton, Enoch  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5501
13 Sexton, Hiram  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5555
14 Sexton, Hiram Luke  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5505
15 Sexton, Mahala  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5561
16 Sexton, Marion  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5558
17 Sexton, Nancy  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5559
18 Sexton, Pryor  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5507
19 Sexton, Reuben  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5503
20 Sexton, Sarah  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5562
21 Sexton, Thornton  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
22 Sexton, Thornton Prator  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5557
23 Sexton, William  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5556
24 Wallace, Esther  1850Ashe County, North Carolina P5486


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Pennington, James  12 Mar 1877Ashe County, North Carolina P5469
2 Sexton, Catherine "Kate"  12 March 1877Ashe County, North Carolina P5468
3 Sexton, Thornton  9 Apr 1821Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
4 Sexton, Thornton  5 Oct 1845Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
5 Sexton, Thornton  17 Aug 1854Ashe County, North Carolina P5485

Land Entires

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Entires    Person ID 
1 Wallace, Reuben  16 Oct 1809Ashe County, North Carolina P5510

Land Grant

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Grant    Person ID 
1 Sexton, Thornton  9 Dec 1834Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
2 Sexton, Thornton  20 Dec 1838Ashe County, North Carolina P5485


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land_Grant    Person ID 
1 Sexton, Thornton  9 Jul 1823Ashe County, North Carolina P5485
2 Wallace, Reuben  16 Feb 1809Ashe County, North Carolina P5510
3 Wallace, Reuben  28 Feb 1811Ashe County, North Carolina P5510
4 Wallace, Reuben  26 Sept 1812Ashe County, North Carolina P5510
5 Wallace, Reuben  4 April 1814Ashe County, North Carolina P5510
6 Wallace, Reuben  8 Jan 1817Ashe County, North Carolina P5510


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Pennington, Andrew  10 Aug 1861Ashe County, North Carolina P5482
2 Pennington, Thornton  20 Jul 1862Ashe County, North Carolina P1864


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Sexton, Pryor  1878Ashe County, North Carolina P5507

Tax List

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List    Person ID 
1 Sexton, William  1815Ashe County, North Carolina P5524


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blevins / Pennington  1 Feb 1867Ashe County, North Carolina F1767
2 Pennington / Blevins  23 June 1857Ashe County, North Carolina F1761
3 Pennington / Combs  19 Apr 1856Ashe County, North Carolina F1758
4 Pennington / Sexton  1826Ashe County, North Carolina F1759
5 Pennington Jr. / Brown  5 Aug 1873Ashe County, North Carolina F1769
6 Pennington Jr. / Mullis  14 Nov 1897Ashe County, North Carolina F1768

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