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Father of John Totten


The Japser Totten born 1675-80, son of Richard Totten in Hempstead NY married Patience (b. 1682), and Patience, according to Jasper's will, was his widow.  He does not to appear to have had two wives.
Jasper's brother Benjamin had a son name John that married Louvina Chruchill.  If this John Totten is indeed the John Totten who married Druscilla's father, then obviously, Jasper Totten is not his father.  I have often believed that there was a generation missing, and this seems to be it.  Regardless, I do believe that John Totten b. 1744 is descended in some way from Edward Totten of Hempstead, I'm just not clear on which son he descended from. ~Michelle
(from Genealogy and History of the Totten Family in the United States by Fred Albert Durling)
John Totten (son of Benjamin) Born ca. 1703 at Hempstead, N.Y. Died November 22, 1773 at Fishkill, and buried in Churchill's Family Cemetery in Vappinger Falls, New York. The cemetery lays between what used to be John Totten's farm and Edward CHURCHILL'S farm. Vas a shoemaker and probably also a farmer. Edward was a pipemaker, John is mentioned in the Tax Lists for 1737-1748, 1753-1763, 1765-1773. His widow is mentioned in the Tax List for 1774. Married in 1740 to Lovinee CHURCHILL, daughter of Edward CHURCHILL (1690-1757) of Rumbout Precinct, Dutchess Co., N.Y. (VNYHS 5:171). In his will of July 29, 1773, probated November 22, 1773, mentioned wife Lovinee, sister Rebecca BROOKS, nephew Thomas SOUTHARD, sister Phebe's daughters Phebe WEEKS and Levina VH1TEMAN, Jeremiah COOPER, brother Jonas and brother Jonas' oldest son Benjamin, Isaac SOUTHARD, David SOUTHARD, and Sarah van VYCK, daughter of wife's sister. Executors, his wife, sister Rebecca BROOKS, Jonathan BROOKS and Jeremiah COOPER. Witnesses, Samuel MILLS, John H. SLEGHT, James BRUMFIELD, J r. 

Source: COLL, NYHS 1899, page 149, and CDCHS 6 : wills

No children mentioned in John's and/or Lovinee's will of December 11, 1790, probated January 10, 1791. Lovinee died in 1793. Edward Churchill's Will of Fishkill , New York, dated April 13, 1757, mentioned daughter Lovinee, wife of John Totten. Lovinee and John probably had no children who grew to maturity. However, a possible child (-5) John, born 1744, married Drusilla. Source: Donald R. TOTTEN, Box 3275, Ventura, California 93006

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