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The Lives of the Berkeleys


The Lives of the Berkeleys, Lords of the honour, Castle and manor of Berkeley, in the County of Gloucester, from 1066 to 1618 Author: Smyth, John, 1567-1640 Publisher: Gloucester, Printed by J. Bellows

Page 172


....The 13th of November in the 18th yeare of king Henry the seaventh, Thomas Earle of Surry granted to this lord Maurice, by the name of Maurice Berkeley lord Berkeley, and to his heires for ever, one Bucke and one Doe yearly out of his parke called Seggewicke park in Suffex, with liberty to enter and kill the fame at pleasure. What the offences were which this Maurice had committed I find not, but in the 28th yeare of king Henry the fixth hee paid the Duke of Yorke 11th by agreement for Injuryes and greeves by him and his two servants, Cater and Christopher, done to the said Duke, as the acquittance faith, given upon receipt of that money: But, being then a batchelor and in the 24th yeare of his age, and living often near to some of the Dukes parks, I conceive it was for killing some of his Deere.

The wife of this lord Maurice was Isable daughter of Phillip Mead Esq. and of Isable his wife; son of Thomas, son of Thomas Mead, discended of the ancient family of the Meads of Meadsplace in feyland in the parish of Wraxall near Portburyin the County of Somers, where antiently they had continued; whom this lord marryed in the thirtieth year of his age, about eighteene months after his fathers death, shee then a widowe and mother of three children, who all dyed very young.


At the time of this her second marriage, her father was an Alderman of Bristoll & at divers times Mayor there; And for her Dowry, besides her personall estate, shee brought to this lord her husband, (then a younger brother,) divers lands in Somersetshire, and others in Thornbury in Gloucester (where this lord then also had other lands both of his own purchase, and of the guift of his elder brother,) and a lease of the said Meads-place for one and twenty years: and was after one of his executors, as his will shewes.

For her Joynture shee had from this lord her husband all the lands in effect which hee then had; which also hee in the later part of his life, (for the longer lived the more they loved,) much augmented with divers other manors in the Counties of Huntington, Leicesler, Warwicke, and Gloucester, and in the Counties Counties of the Cities of Coventry and Gloucester; of all which shee made the said Thomas Try her receivour generall soone after her husbands death.

This lady Isable had one only brother called Richard Mead, who first marryed Elizabeth ____, And after maryed Anne daughter of Thomas Paunsfoot of Hasfeild in Gloucestersh. Esq. a family for antiquity inferior to none in that County, (this of Berkeley excepted ;) But his issue dying very younge without issue, about the third of king Henry the seaventh, this lady Ifable became heire to divers manors and lands in the County of Glouc. And to divers Messuages and tenements in Bedminster, Felond, Ashton, Wraxall, and Midle Tykenham, in the County of Somersett.

Page 282


......Whilst the former suite depended, brake forth another in the third year of Queen Elizabeth, which had been some former years in Hamering, And was grounded upon an old pretence of title pretended by this lord and his Ancestors to a place called Barrow Court in Tickingham in the County of Somerset, with other other possessions there, sometime the inheritance of Phillip Mead of Bristoll and of Richard his son. Father and brother of the lady Ifable, wife of the lord Maurice the fifth, of whom I have written in his life, against Roger Kemys of Wickwicke then in minority, forty years after receivour to this lord Henry ; Insomuch as William Conestable and Jone his wife mother of the said Roger and Executrix to Thomas Kemys her former husband exhibited their bill in Chancery against the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Bristoll, And amongst other passages forth, That two chests of evidence of the said Thomas Kemys were in the 37th of king Henry the 8th upon her departure from thence into Devonshs. committed to the safe keeping of the Churchwardens of the parish church of Ratcliffe by Bristoll, from whence, shortly after, upon a tre written by Marques Pawlet after lord treasuror and then Master of the wards, to the Mayor of Bristoll, the said chests were thence removed into the Town hall of the said Citie, and sealed, with three locks; And was so done upon a pretence of Title That Anne lady Berkeley in behalf of this lord her son, then the kings ward, made to the said lands; Answere was made to that bill. And the cause coming to hearing. And the chests by this lords means, (who put himself as a party into this suite,) brought by order into the Chappie of the Rolls, and opened, and perused by Cordell then Master of the Rolls in presence of Counsell on both sides. This lord Henry was found to have noe title to the said lands, but was barred by matter of record found in the said chests; Whereupon by order of Court the chests and Evidences were delivered to the Complainants. A title, had it for been known, that was settled longe before in the 21st of king Henry the 8th by ffit3 James and Porter Justices of the Comon pleas upon a reference to them by Thomas the fifth then lord Berkeley and Arthur Kemys father of the said Thomas Kemys; And this suite was originally raised through a certificate made by the Mayor of Bristoll under the common seale of that City, declaring that the fifth of October in the fifth of Edward the fixth Thomas Pacy Alderman and justice of the peace, and William Appowell, marchant, deposed, that they heard say. That certaine lands discended from one Phillip Mead sometime Mayor of that Citie, lying in the said Citie and Suborbs, which ought and should appertaine to the honorable lord Berkeley and his heires. And that they know that one Arthur Kemys deceased held all the said lands ; And the lord Berkeley and Kemys were in contention for the fame, which variance was referred to ffit3 James cheife Juftice, who awarded the possession to Kemys for his life.....

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