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Elizabeth Burris and John Trolinger of Virginia


[The following ancestry of John Trolinger and Elizabeth Burris is from a Trolinger family page at: http://www.trolinger.com/david/tree/tree.htm ]
51. JOHN8 TROLINGER (HENRY JACOB7, ADAM6 DROLLINGER, HANS MICHAEL5, MICHAEL4, WENDELIN3, MELCHOIR2, BERNHARDT1) was born 1771 in Orange Co., NC (Haw River), and died October 11, 1842 in Pulaski Co., VA (Dublin Cemetery). He married ELIZABETH BURRIS December 30, 1792 in Montgomery Co., VA, daughter of WILLIAM BURRIS.


94. i. SARAH9 TROLINGER, b. March 01, 1794, Dublin VA; d. March 25, 1887, Dublin VA. 

ii. POLLY TROLINGER, b. 1796; d. 1906, Texas; m. (1) JACOB HEAVENER, February 05, 1814; m. (2) MARTIN ELLIOTT, September 01, 1818. 

iii. ELIZABETH TROLINGER, b. August 15, 1799, Dublin VA; d. July 29, 1886, New Bern VA; m. MICHAEL JORDAN, September 01, 1818, Montgomery Co., VA. 

95.iv. MARY TROLINGER, b. Bef. 1800, VA; d. Bef. 1910, TX. 

v. ELIZA TROLINGER, b. Aft. 1800, VA; m. JOHN ROBERT DURHAM, May 25, 1835, Montgomery Co., VA. 96.vi. JOHN TROLINGER, b. Aft. 1800, Dublin VA; d. May 01, 1883, Dublin VA.

97.vii. HENRY T. TROLINGER, b. October 26, 1800, Newborn, Montgomery Co., VA; d. November 29, 1838, Henry Cty MO.

viii. PHOEBE KATHERINE TROLINGER, b. April 01, 1804, Dublin VA; d. January 15, 1889, Dublin VA; m. JACOB L. SHUFFLEBARGER, March 27, 1825, Montgomery Co., VA. 

ix. ELIZABETH TROLINGER, b. 1810; d. December 18, 1888, Giles Cty VA; m. JOHN DURHAM.

John Trollinger 1771 

Source: Durst and Darst Families of America, with discussions of Forty Related Families Sandford Charles Gladden, 1969. p 734, 751.

Notes: As a Presbyterian, he took a prominent part in the reorganization and rebuilding of the New Dublin Presbyterian Church in 1833. He built the old Trolinger place, an old long log house, with each room opening on the outside. It was located just east of the town of Dublin, and was rebuilt in 1886.

He owned several thousand acres east of Dublin. The property included the Coffee Pot Farm, the "Old Trolinger Place," and the Elliott Place.

On 11 October 1840 he died at the "Old Trolinger Place," and was buried in the Trolinger (now Dublin) Cemetery. His wife survived him until 12 October 1869. His will was made 28 September 1832 and probated 5 November 1840  (Montgomery County Will Book 1, p 1).

John Trolinger 1771


John Trolinger was born at Haw River, North Carolina in 1771. Early in the Revolutionary War his father, Jacob Henry Trolinger, bought a large tract of land in Montgomery County, now Pulaski County, Virginia. The family moved to Virginia shortly afterward. On the property was a salt peter cave where they mined salt peter and made gun powder for the Continental Army. Late in the War the family moved back to North Carolina. When a division of the property was made, Henry, John's eldest brother, received land in North Carolina and John, that in Pulaski County, Virginia. John Trolinger married Elizabeth Burris at Lynchburg, Virginia, 30 December 1792. She was born in 1776 and died in 1869. John Trolinger died near Dublin, Virginia, in 1842. Source: abstract of the old deed for the division of property on file in Hillsboro, North Carolina. Notes: "John Trolinger et al to Henry Trolinger. This indenture made this 6th day of march in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Four between Peggy Sever, Mary Huffman, Barbara McCoy, John Trolinger, and John Bason, all of the State of Virginia of the first part and Henry Trolinger, of the County of Orange, of the second part. Witnesseth............ In witness whereof we have herunto set our hands and affixed our seals the day and year first above written. Signed: Barbara X McCoy; Phebe X Trolinger; Mary X Trolnger; Margaret X Sever; Mary X Huffman; John X Trolinger; John Bason. Signed, sealed and Delivered in the presence of - Fredrick Bason, Joseph Bason. 

Linked toFamily: Trollinger/Burris (F1237)

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