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Family Data Collections Records

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  • Title Family Data Collections Records 
    Short Title Family Data Collections Records 
    Repository Ancestry.com 
    Source ID S48 
    Text A unique database containing 5 million genealogical records (20 million names) that were saved from destruction after being rejected from scientific studies. The Family Data Collection records were created while gathering genealogical data for use in the study of human genetics and disease. Compiling data for genetic research does not require the same type of documentation as traditional genealogical research. Good for a lead, however, when you find the name of an ancestor listed, confirm the facts in original sources, such as birth, marriage, and death records, church records, census enumerations, and probate records for the place where the even took place. 
    Linked to Selia Anderson
    Pryor Sexton
    Family: Thornton Sexton / Esther Wallace