Burress & Palmer Genealogy

Southwest Virginia & Stokes County, NC


North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Docia  1786North Carolina P34
2 Sybil "Sibby"  1816North Carolina P5475
3 Alley, William Andrew  Aug 1869North Carolina P105
4 Beasley, Christina  1842North Carolina P417
5 Beasley, Mahala  1844North Carolina P431
6 Beasley, Martha  1790North Carolina P437
7 Bolling, Hannah  28 April 1766North Carolina P5395
8 Boyd, Elizabeth  1788North Carolina P596
9 Brown, Amanda "Mandy"  Abt 1894North Carolina P787
10 Brown, Mary  North Carolina P798
11 Brown, Sarah  1871North Carolina P809
12 Bullen, Walter John  Abt 1800North Carolina P891
13 Bullin, Cattie  Abt 1905North Carolina P894
14 Bullin, Isabell  1813North Carolina P890
15 BULLIN, Isabelle  29 Feb 1902North Carolina P895
16 Bullin, John  North Carolina P799
17 Bullin, John Alfred  Jul 1847North Carolina P888
18 Bullin, Johnnie  22 Feb 1908North Carolina P893
19 BULLIN, Strawdie Wyatt  13 April 1900North Carolina P896
20 Bullin, Susanna  1824North Carolina P905
21 Calhoun, Margaret "Peggy"  1794North Carolina P5092
22 Carter, Charlotte  Abt 1812North Carolina P5445
23 Carter, Hugh P.  1835North Carolina P1506
24 Casey, Cora  1878North Carolina P293
25 Christian, Charles  1866North Carolina P1587
26 Collins, Drury Millard  1864North Carolina P622
27 Collins, Eleanor  1819North Carolina P1714
28 Collins, Fletcher E  1887North Carolina P1808
29 Collins, Giles Marion  13 Oct 1872North Carolina P429
30 Collins, Jesse Robert  Abt 1871North Carolina P424
31 Collins, John Walter  Aft 1870North Carolina P1719
32 Collins, Richard  Aft 1870North Carolina P1720
33 Collins, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1875North Carolina P428
34 Collins, William  1812North Carolina P442
35 Collins, William H  1883North Carolina P1807
36 Combs, Almyra "Myra"  1850North Carolina P5537
37 Combs, Amanda  Abt 1879North Carolina P5548
38 Combs, Amelia "Milly"  1842North Carolina P5538
39 Combs, Diana  1873North Carolina P5546
40 Combs, Little M.  Abt 1876North Carolina P5549
41 Combs, Martha J.  Abt 1867North Carolina P5547
42 Crouse, Mary Ann "Mollie"  Oct 1853North Carolina P1995
43 Denny, Uriah C.  1825North Carolina P2110
44 Ellen  1857North Carolina P2436
45 F, Rose  Feb 1834North Carolina P2472
46 Fox, Hattie R  30 Oct 1903North Carolina P926
47 Francis, Elizabeth  1810North Carolina P1445
48 Hall, Virginia Catherine  15 Jun 1874North Carolina P4924
49 Hicks, Nancy "Nannie"  Abt 1877North Carolina P3210
50 Hicks, Raleigh  Abt 1898North Carolina P3212

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collins, Edward  Bef 1891North Carolina P1682
2 Hill, William  1840North Carolina P2893
3 Lawson, Hugh  1882North Carolina P2645
4 Lawson, Lydia "Liddy"  Aft 1872North Carolina P3134
5 Lewis, Nathaniel  ?North Carolina P5689
6 Wright, Larkin B.  1884North Carolina P1789


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Carter, Hugh P.  North Carolina P1506
2 Lankford, William  1775North Carolina P3117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 Lankford, James Jr.  1770North Carolina P5382
2 Lankford, William  1770North Carolina P3117

Rev War

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Rev War    Person ID 
1 Lewis, James Theophilus  1776North Carolina P5519


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Collins / Branch  13 Jan 1891North Carolina F283
2 Collins / Snyder  02 Apr 1891North Carolina F278
3 Lawson / Lankford  1838North Carolina F633

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