Burress & Palmer Genealogy

Southwest Virginia & Stokes County, NC


Russell County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bostic, Alexander  1868Russell County, Virginia P8280
2 Bostic, Anna Catherine  1871Russell County, Virginia P8282
3 Bostic, David Crockett  1878Russell County, Virginia P8284
4 Bostic, George W.  Apr 1866Russell County, Virginia P8279
5 Bostic, James William  10 Sep 1878Russell County, Virginia P8285
6 Bostic, John D.  1835Russell County, Virginia P8273
7 Bostic, John T.  Oct 1882Russell County, Virginia P8286
8 Bostic, Mary Alice  1862Russell County, Virginia P8277
9 Bostic, Nannie Belle  18 Feb 1869Russell County, Virginia P8281
10 Bostic, Thomas  15 Jul 1877Russell County, Virginia P8283
11 Bostic, William Henry  30 May 1864Russell County, Virginia P8278
12 Cochran, Larkin  25 Dec 1875Russell County, Virginia P1636
13 Dye, Pansy Mae  1904Russell County, Virginia P2217
14 Elkins, John Thomas  1 Mar 1872Russell County, Virginia P2431
15 Griffith, Celia Frances  4 Aug 1895Russell County, Virginia P2596
16 Griffiths Addison, Rosa  1893Russell County, Virginia P5883
17 Guess, Nathan Chester  17 Mar 1893Russell County, Virginia P3708
18 Hubbard, Theodore "Teddy"  19 Jan 1908Russell County, Virginia P8268
19 Mallory, Avie Vena  31 Aug 1898Russell County, Virginia P2449
20 McGhee, Charles  1878Russell County, Virginia P3683
21 McGhee, George  1874Russell County, Virginia P3704
22 McGhee, George Washington  29 Mar 1905Russell County, Virginia P162
23 McGhee, Martha Jane  4 May 1870Russell County, Virginia P3709
24 McGhee, Mary  1867Russell County, Virginia P3711
25 McGhee, Mary Ann  18 Mar 1888Russell County, Virginia P170
26 McGlothlin, John Patton  21 Feb 1875Russell County, Virginia P8271
27 McGlothlin Bostic, Lucinda "Lue Cindy"  19 Jun 1899Russell County, Virginia P4037
28 Miller, Edward Marion  4 Mar 1936Russell County, Virginia P4035
29 Miller, Harding L.  23 Mar 1921Russell County, Virginia P8262
30 Miller, Hobert Lee  2 Nov 1913Russell County, Virginia P8261
31 Miller, Marion Edward  20 Jul 1890Russell County, Virginia P4036
32 Miller, Teddy Roosevelt  19 Oct 1915Russell County, Virginia P8260
33 Miller, Trula Lee  17 Jan 1918Russell County, Virginia P8263
34 Mutter, Sarah Alice  1865Russell County, Virginia P3725
35 Newberry, Celia L.  6 Sep 1891Russell County, Virginia P3829
36 Newberry, Mary Elizabeth  28 May 1898Russell County, Virginia P3832
37 Newberry, Mary V.  13 Sep 1902Russell County, Virginia P3674
38 Newberry, Millie Jane  1869Russell County, Virginia P3881
39 Newberry, Mollie Jane  15 Mar 1886Russell County, Virginia P3904
40 Newberry, Noah  19 Apr 1894Russell County, Virginia P3831
41 Newberry, Noah C.  1869Russell County, Virginia P3886
42 Newberry, Pearl Marie  1 Apr 1915Russell County, Virginia P8307
43 Newberry, Reece B.  2 Aug 1897Russell County, Virginia P3905
44 Newberry, Robert Stinson  14 Oct 1883Russell County, Virginia P3900
45 Newberry, William Elbert  26 Feb 1885Russell County, Virginia P801
46 Pack, Eve E.  Nov 1882Russell County, Virginia P3986
47 Perkins, Stuart  1892Russell County, Virginia P8289
48 Perkins, Stuart  1894Russell County, Virginia P8290
49 Proffit, Herbert Jay  30 Apr 1919Russell County, Virginia P8269
50 Ray, Lawrence Isaac  22 May 1927Russell County, Virginia P8270

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Mary  4 Dec 1877Russell County, Virginia P8377
2 Bostic, Caleb  3 Jun 1879Russell County, Virginia P8287
3 Bostic, David Crockett  18 May 1892Russell County, Virginia P8284
4 Bostic, James William  11 Feb 1952Russell County, Virginia P8285
5 Bostic, John D.  1904Russell County, Virginia P8273
6 Bostic, Thomas  1965Russell County, Virginia P8283
7 Hubbard, Theodore "Teddy"  8 Sep 1964Russell County, Virginia P8268
8 McFarlane, Alexander  14 Jan 1874Russell County, Virginia P3607
9 McGhee, William  1881-1892Russell County, Virginia P3684
10 Miller, Charity C.  18 Mar 1885Russell County, Virginia P8288
11 Miller, Elijah  Oct 1854Russell County, Virginia P8174
12 Miller, Hobert Lee  6 Dec 1972Russell County, Virginia P8261
13 Miller, Trula Lee  11 Feb 2007Russell County, Virginia P8263
14 Mutter, Sarah Alice  11 Feb 1945Russell County, Virginia P3725
15 Newberry, Rosa Katherine  8 Jan 1947Russell County, Virginia P3925
16 Ray, Lawrence Isaac  2 Apr 1986Russell County, Virginia P8270
17 Turner, Isaac  1886Russell County, Virginia P3397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Notes    Person ID 
1 McFarlane, James  1801Russell County, Virginia P2557


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 McFarlane, James  3 Dec 1825Russell County, Virginia P2557


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 McGhee, John William  Jul 1897Russell County, Virginia P164

WWII Draft Card

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WWII Draft Card    Person ID 
1 Miller, Marion Edward  1941Russell County, Virginia P4036


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bostic / Yates  28 Feb 1861Russell County, Virginia F2819
2 Bowling / Pack  30 Jun 1903Russell County, Virginia F2800
3 McGhee / Salyers Noah  1930Russell County, Virginia F1253
4 Miller / McGlothlin Bostic  1916Russell County, Virginia F2812
5 Miller / Varney  15 Jun 1939Russell County, Virginia F2814
6 Newberry / McGhee  1 Mar 1904Russell County, Virginia F1059
7 Newberry / Mutter  28 Aug 1890Russell County, Virginia F859
8 Newberry / Turner  31 Jan 1902Russell County, Virginia F847
9 Perkins / McGlothlin Bostic  11 Jun 1911Russell County, Virginia F772
10 Proffit / Miller  15 Sep 1947Russell County, Virginia F2815
11 Ray / Miller  21 Jun 1951Russell County, Virginia F2817
12 Short / Newberry  14 Oct 1904Russell County, Virginia F2845


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Perkins / McGlothlin Bostic  16 May 1916Russell County, Virginia F772
2 Self / McGhee  1904Russell County, Virginia F2806

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