Burress & Palmer Genealogy

Southwest Virginia & Stokes County, NC


Albemarle County, Virginia


Latitude: 38.0567092, Longitude: -78.6114999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Horsley ?), Isabel  1728Albemarle County, Virginia P4403
2 (Possible Burnett), Sarah  1739Albemarle County, Virginia P42
3 Ballard, Anna  Between 1730 and 1732Albemarle County, Virginia P345
4 Ballard, William  18 Mar 1760Albemarle County, Virginia P351
5 Bartlett, Susannah Wyatt  1730Albemarle County, Virginia P1757
6 Batton, Ann  1759Albemarle County, Virginia P411
7 Beadles, Capt. John Sr.  Between 1769 and 1770Albemarle County, Virginia P415
8 Bryant, William C.  Between 1806 and 1809Albemarle County, Virginia P885
9 Burch, Jane  1778Albemarle County, Virginia P914
10 Burnsides, Margaret  1731Albemarle County, Virginia P957
11 Clark, Benjamin  1750Albemarle County, Virginia P1594
12 Clarkson, Mary  Albemarle County, Virginia P1605
13 Coalter, Betsey  Albemarle County, Virginia P1608
14 Collins, Elisha  Abt 1777Albemarle County, Virginia P1730
15 Collins, George  Abt 1766Albemarle County, Virginia P1756
16 Collins, Hezekiah  Abt 1767Albemarle County, Virginia P1761
17 Collins, James  Abt 1769Albemarle County, Virginia P1762
18 Collins, Jeremiah  Abt 1764Albemarle County, Virginia P48
19 Collins, Roger  Bef 1750Albemarle County, Virginia P1799
20 Collins, Thomas  Abt 1746Albemarle County, Virginia P1802
21 Collins, William  1750Albemarle County, Virginia P1712
22 Collins (not proven), Thomas  1717Albemarle County, Virginia P1692
23 Craig, Anna "Nancy"  1773Albemarle County, Virginia P1970
24 Craig, Mary  1768Albemarle County, Virginia P1973
25 Estes, Sarah "Sally"  Albemarle County, Virginia P2461
26 Ford, Magdalen  Albemarle County, Virginia P2508
27 Isabel  Albemarle County, Virginia P2976
28 Jones, Elizabeth  1784Albemarle County, Virginia P3015
29 Jones, Sarah  1742Albemarle County, Virginia P3024
30 Keblinger, David  Albemarle County, Virginia P3044
31 Miller, Daniel  28 May 1764Albemarle County, Virginia P3775
32 Miller, John  28 May 1764Albemarle County, Virginia P3080
33 Miller, Lurania  Between 1766 and 1776Albemarle County, Virginia P416
34 Miller, Margaret Elizabeth "Betsy"  1773Albemarle County, Virginia P3780
35 Miller, Sarah "Sally"  03 Jun 1777Albemarle County, Virginia P3789
36 Miller, Thomas  1769Albemarle County, Virginia P3790
37 Mills, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1751Albemarle County, Virginia P3793
38 Mills, Mary Nancy  1770Albemarle County, Virginia P3796
39 Mullins, Gabriel  22 Mar 1791Albemarle County, Virginia P3820
40 Mullins, Jane  1754Albemarle County, Virginia P1595
41 Mullins, John  1749Albemarle County, Virginia P3821
42 Mullins, Margaret  28 Jul 1746Albemarle County, Virginia P3822
43 Mullins, Mariah Polly  1769Albemarle County, Virginia P350
44 Mullins, Mary  1765Albemarle County, Virginia P2567
45 Mullins, Richard  1761Albemarle County, Virginia P1603
46 Mullins, William  1751Albemarle County, Virginia P3824
47 O'Baugh, Catherine Elizabeth  21 Nov 1778Albemarle County, Virginia P3960
48 Rogers, Ann "Nancy"  1785Albemarle County, Virginia P1979
49 Rogers, John  1773Albemarle County, Virginia P1980
50 Sweeney, Sarah  1740Albemarle County, Virginia P4329

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Possible Burnett), Sarah  1802Albemarle County, Virginia P42
2 Ballard, Anna  Aft 30 Jun 1799Albemarle County, Virginia P345
3 Bryant, William C.  1875Albemarle County, Virginia P885
4 Craig, Mary  03 Dec 1849Albemarle County, Virginia P1973
5 Jarman, Elizabeth "Sallie"  1762Albemarle County, Virginia P1546
6 Jones, Elizabeth  Bef 1850Albemarle County, Virginia P3015
7 Kidd, Aaron  3 Oct 1776Albemarle County, Virginia P5761
8 Maupin, Daniel  20 Oct 1788Albemarle County, Virginia P3563
9 Miller, Daniel  23 Apr 1841Albemarle County, Virginia P3775
10 Miller, John  1844Albemarle County, Virginia P3080
11 Miller, Sarah "Sally"  03 Oct 1841Albemarle County, Virginia P3789
12 Mills, Mary Nancy  1825Albemarle County, Virginia P3796
13 Mullins, Ann  1828Albemarle County, Virginia P3819
14 O'Baugh, Catherine Elizabeth  24 Jan 1835Albemarle County, Virginia P3960
15 Powell, Elizabeth  Aft 1850Albemarle County, Virginia P4114
16 Thompson, Robert Jr.  1778Albemarle County, Virginia P3040
17 Turner, Judith "Judy"  1855Albemarle County, Virginia P199
18 Via, Jean Jane "Delilah"  Bef 1774Albemarle County, Virginia P4338
19 Via, Margaret  Between Mar and Apr 1789Albemarle County, Virginia P3564
20 White, Mildred "Milly"  02 Aug 1824Albemarle County, Virginia P1568
21 Wood, Achilles  1845Albemarle County, Virginia P18
22 Woods, Susannah "Susan" Anderson  1832Albemarle County, Virginia P192


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Robert Jr.  Albemarle County, Virginia P3040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Complaint    Person ID 
1 Via Sr., John  16 Feb 1751Albemarle County, Virginia P4116

Father's Will

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Father's Will    Person ID 
1 Kidd, William  28 Aug 1775Albemarle County, Virginia P5727


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant    Person ID 
1 Kidd, Aaron  30 Aug 1763Albemarle County, Virginia P5761

Land Survey

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Survey    Person ID 
1 Via Sr., John  15 Feb 1755Albemarle County, Virginia P4116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Susannah  28 Aug 1775Albemarle County, Virginia P5764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 Via Sr., David  30 Sep 1762Albemarle County, Virginia P3493


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bolling / Phelps  20 June 1753Albemarle County, Virginia F1737
2 Collins / Uptegroves  17 Jun 1794Albemarle County, Virginia F289
3 Miller / Woods  28 Nov 1793Albemarle County, Virginia F784
4 Thompson / Via  Albemarle County, Virginia F1191
5 Woods / Miller  28 Nov 1793Albemarle County, Virginia F1306


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Collins (not proven) / Bartlett  Abt 1740Albemarle County, Virginia F310

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