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Jasper/John Totten Connection Confusion


I believe there may have been two Jasper Tottens.  One married Patience unknown, the other Lavina Churchill (b. 1722).  From another researchers comments on the web..."Lavina's father's will mentioned his son-in-law as being named John" So he may have been named John Jasper Totten.
The Japser Totten born 1675-80, son of Richard Totten in Hempstead NY married Patience (b. 1682), and Patrience,, according to Jasper's will, was his widow.  He does not to appear to have had two wives.
The Jasper Totten who married Lavina Churchill b. 1722 make much better canidids for John Totten born 1748 parents. (maybe Jasper and Patrience grandparents?)
In a will dated 14 December 1761 (N.J archives Vol. II, pg. 436) Jasper Totten of Morristown, N.J, left a widow, Patience Totten; & the administrators paid to Joseph Totten, James Totten, Samuel Totten, Salvanas Totten, Sarah Totten, Aaron French, John Totten, makes the choice of James Totten as Guardian.
This John Totten (03), of Jasper (02) Totten, of Richard (01) Totten is a likely prospect for John Totten, Sr. of Tazewell Co, Virginia.

Another bit of confusion:
On December 10, 1761, Patience renounced her rights to be Administrator of Jasper's estate. In a Petition dated march 24, 1762, it was requested that James, son of Jasper, be appointed legal guardian of John, of Morris Co., also a son of Jasper of said county, lately deceased, who was 18 years.
This would suggest that this John, son of Jasper would have been born 1744-48 if he needed a legal guardian. Which circles back to John Totten b. 1748 being the son of Jasper.

Update: Seems John Totten, son of Jasper can be tracked, died in 1820 and married Mary Unknown.  Will need documentation on this, but now seems as if is a better candidate of being descended from Jasper's brother Benjamin.  Still no concrete documentation on this yet, but will keep looking.  If anyone can help sort this out, please let me know.

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